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Somalia Flag

Somalia Flag

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All of our printed Somalia flags are produced by a process called Dye Sublimation. The system drenches each fibre of the fabric, resulting in a flag with wonderful precise colour, and vitally the design appears perfectly on each side. This is known as ‘printed through to reverse’ and is an important consideration when choosing your flag as both sides will be seen when flying.

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History of the Somalia Flag

Where in the world?
The flag has remained the same since it was under the United Nations control in 1950.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 12th October 1954
Proportion 2:3
Design A plain blue field with white five-pointed star at the centre.
PMS Blue: 279
Brief History

The first flags flown in a large area that was to become Somalia were the flags of the Adal Sultanate between 900 and 1559. They were all either red or white with a crescent moon. Between the 13th to 17th Century the red and yellow with white crescent flag of the Ajuran Sultanate was flown part of Somalia.

Between 1559 and 1867 the Ottoman Empire ruled a North Western region of Somalia called Zaila. The flag was a plain red field with a yellow crescent moon.

In 1896 the Dervish State was created in Somalia and a new flag was adopted that features a plain green field with red border around the flag, inside of which is a red-bordered green rectangle with a red rectangle in the centre.

In 1903 North Western Somalia became a British Protectorate called British Somaliland. A blue British Ensign was adopted as the flag of the area with a white badge featuring a brown antelope. The badge was changed in 1950 to add a shield inside of which was a boat, crossed swords, a tower. On top of the shield was an antelope head and crown.

From 1880 the northeastern part of Somalia was under the rule of Italy. The flag flown in this area was the Italian green-white-red vertical tricolour. When the area became Italian East Africa in 1936 the flag remained the same.

After World War Two ended Italian East Africa became United Nations Trust Territory and the modern day light blue field with a white five-pointed star at the centre was adopted for this interim period. When the country finally became independent in 1960 the flag remained the same.

The Coat of Arms of Somalia

The Coat of Arms of Somalia was adopted in 1956 and features a shield with the national flag at the centre. At their side are leopards, above is a shield and below are spears and a white banner.

The Historical Coat of Arms of Somalia

Here are some examples of the historical coat of arms of Somalia.

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