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South Korea Flag

South Korea Flag

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Our Korea South Rep flags are produced in the traditional 2:1 ratio used for National flags in the UK so this flag will match others of the same size if you are flying several flags together. We use a MOD grade Knitted Polyester which has been tested for its durability and suitability for production of flags.

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History of the South Korea Flag

Where in the world?
The flag is known locally as the Taegeuk Flag.
Technical Specifications
Adopted October 1997
Proportion 2:3
Design A plain white field with with four black trigrams surrounding a red ying and blue yang at the centre.
PMS Red: 186 Blue: 294
Brief History

In the 1800s the flag adopted was the personal standard of the Joseon dynasty who ruled the Kingdom of Joseon for five centuries. The flag has a red field with peach border with black triangles. Inside is the bagua, collection of eight Taoist symbols called trigrams, and a circular taegeuk symbol.

The flag of the Korean Empire was adopted in 1882 featured a white field with four of non-specified trigrams and a blue and red taegeuk symbol in the centre.

In 1910 Japan took control of Korea and a flag with white field with red sun was adopted.  After World War two the Koreans took control again and in the south there was an interim government called the United States Army Military Government of Korea. The Flag of the Korean Empire was readopted.

The Flag of the United States of America was also flown during this time. In 1948 the trigrams on the flag was written into the constitution. From top right to bottom left they are water, heaven, earth and fire. In 1997 the colours of the taegeuk symbol were specified.

The Emblem of South Korea

The Emblem of South Korea was adopted in 1963. If features the taegeuk symbol in the centre representing peace surrounded by the rose of Sharon. Below is a banner stating “THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA”.

The Governmental Emblems of South Korea

There are three main governmental emblems of South Korea. The seal of the president features two phoenixes above the rose of Sharon on a blue background with the text “THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA”. The emblem of the prime minister features a Rose of Sharon inside another rose. The national assembly of the Republic of Korea feature the Rose of Sharon with “NATIONAL ASSEMBLY” in the centre.

The Governmental Flags of South Korea

The flag of the president of the Republic of Korea features a light blue flag with two facing phoenixes above a Rose of Sharon. The Standard of the Prime Minister is a dark blue field with a white emblem of the prime minister in the centre. The Flag of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea is a dark blue field with a white outline of emblem of the National Assembly at the centre.

The Flags of Korean Armed Forces

The Flag of the Republic of Korea Army is a white and blue horizontal bicolour with the insignia of the army at the centre. The insignia features the Taegeuk in the centre with the Rose of Sharon.

The flag of the Republic of Korea Navy features a plain blue field with blue rectangle in the top left corner insude of which is the Taegeuk with crossed anchors.

The Flag of the Republic of Korea Marine Corps is a red field with gold star, anchor and eagle with a banner stating “THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA MARINE CORPS”.

The Roundel of the Republic of Korea Air Force is the Taegeuk with two trigrams representing water.

The Flag of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces features a star, anchor and wings on a red field.

The Emblem of South Korea

The Unification Flag of North and South Korea is an unofficial 2:3 flag that is usually flown when North and South Korea are together in sporting events. It features a white background with a light blue map of Korea.

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