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Surinam Flag

Surinam Flag

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All of our printed Surinam flags are made by a process called Dye Sublimation. This process impregnates the fibres of the fabric, the result is a flag that has very accurate colour, and importantly the design appears clearly on both sides of the flag. This is known as ‘printed through to reverse’ and is an important consideration when choosing your flag as both sides will be seen when flying.

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History of the Surinam Flag

Where in the world?
The star in the centre of the flag represents the various ethnic races of the country.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 25th November 1975
Proportion 2:3
Design Two green bands, two white bands and a large red band with yellow five-pointed star at the centre.
PMS Green: 356 Red: 186 Yellow: 116
Brief History

Since the early 19th Century Suriname had been a Dutch Colony. The first official flag was the 1959 Dutch Overseas Territory Flag.

This flag design featured a plain white field with five multi-coloured stars on an ellipse. Each coloured star represented an ethnic race living in Suriname. The white star represented the white Europeans; black star represented the Creoles, brown star for the Indians, red star for the American Indians and yellow star for the Chinese.

In 1975 Suriname was granted independence from the Dutch and a new flag was introduced. The 2:3 proportioned flag featured two green bands representing hope, two white bands for peace and one large central red band symbolising love with a large gold five-pointed star in the centre representing the unity of the ethnic groups in the country.

The Coat of Arms of Suriname

The Coat of Arms of Suriname was adopted in 1975 and features an oval shield split in two. The left side of the shield depicts a boat and the right a palm tree, in between is a star in a green diamond.

At either side of the shield are natives holding bows. Below the shield is a banner stating “JUSTICE, PIETY, FIDELITY”.

The Flag of the President of Suriname

The Flag of the President of Suriname is the national flag with the coat of arms in the centre.

The Flag of the People’s Armed Forces of Suriname

The Flag of the People’s Armed Forces of Suriname features blue-red-blue horizontal bands and a large gold star in the centre.

The Historical Flag of the Governor of Suriname

Prior to 1975 the Standard of the Governor of Suriname was similar to the flag of the Dutch Overseas Territory with the Dutch flag at the top and the bottom.

The Historical Standard of the Prime Minister of Suriname

Between 1975 and 1988 the Standard of the Prime Minister of Suriname was a gold bordered white flag with the coat of arms in the centre.

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