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Tuvalu Flag

Tuvalu Flag

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History of the Tuvalu Flag

Where in the world?
The word Tuvalu means “eight together”.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 11th April 1997
Proportion 1:2
Design A light blue field with British Union Jack top left and nine yellow five-pointed stars centre right.
PMS Blue: 280 Red: 186 Blue: 279 Yellow: 116
Brief History

From 1892 Tuvalu was part of the British Protectorate of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands and the British Western Pacific Territories. The flag flown was a British Blue Ensign with a shield depicting a sun rising from the sea and a yellow frigatebird.

When the islands were split up in 1976 the Territory of Tuvalu (Ellice Island) gained a new British Blue Ensign with a white disc and a new arms featuring a shield depicting a building on the ocean with a motto underneath stating “HONOUR ALL MEN. LOVE BROTHERHOOD. FEAR GOD. HONOUR THE KING”.

In 1978 Tuvalu became an independent country free from British Control. The new government chose to keep the Union Flag in the top left of a sky blue ensign and a collection of nine five-pointed stars in the shape that is geographically correct.

In 1995 the shade of the flag was change slightly and one star was removed to fit in with the meaning of Tuvalu, which is “eight together”.

A movement to replace the British Elements of the flag succeeded in 1966. The new flag was a red, white bordered key blue, red horizontal triband with white eight stars in the right and a white triangle with the coat of arms far left.

The replacement was short lived as in 1997 the original Flag of Tuvalu with the nine gold five-pointed stars originally adopted in 1978 was reinstated as the national flag.

The Coat of Arms of Tuvalu

The Coat of Arms of Tuvalu was adopted in 1976. It features a gold bordered blue shield with eight mussels and banana leaves in the border and inside the blue shield is a golden hut on gold ocean waves. Underneath is a motto stating “TUVALU FOR ALMIGHTY”.

The State Flag of Tuvalu

The State Flag of Tuvalu is the national flag with the arms under the British Union Flag.

The Flag of the Governor-General of Tuvalu

The flag of the Governor-General of Tuvalu is a blue field with golden Lion, crown and banner stating “TUVALU” in the centre.

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