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Vietnam Flag

Vietnam Flag

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History of the Vietnam Flag

Where in the world?
The flag was also flown by the rebels against the French.
Technical Specifications
Adopted 5th September 1945
Proportion 2:3
Design A plain red field with a five-pointed yellow star.
PMS Red: 1788 Yellow: 116
Brief History

One of the first flags flown in Vietnam was that of the Tay Son Dynastity. It features a yellow-bordered red flag with yellow disc in the centre adopted around 1778. When the Nguyen Dynasty took control in 1802 the colours of the flag were changed to a blue-border yellow field and red sun.

Tonkin, Annam and Cochinchina joined together with Cambodia in 1887 to create French Indochina under French control. The flag flown was the blue-white-red vertical tricolour. The Flag was eventually also the flag of Cochinchina.

The Flag of the Nguyen Dynasty was changed in 1920 to a yellow field with a thick red vertical stripe running through the centre.

From 1923 French Indochina also flew the Protectorate Flag made up of a yellow field with the French tricolour flag top left. Japan invaded in 1945 and for a short period of time the white field with red sun was the de-facto flag. When the French gained control again the Protectorate Flag was reinstated.

Between March 11 and August 1945 Vietnam also became a client state of Japan. The flag adopted with a plain yellow field with three horizontal red stripes, the middle stripe was broken in the centre.

In 1946 the French colony of Cochinchina adopted a yellow flag with three horizontal blue stripes.

From the 15th June 1949, the State of Vietnam and from 1955 the renamed South Vietnam adopted a flag with a yellow field with three horizontal red stripes.

A government opposed to the South Vietnamese government was formed in 1969. The flag of that government was a red-blue horizontal bicolour with a large yellow five-pointed flag.

In 1945 North Vietnam adopted a red flag with large yellow five-pointed star as the flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. This flag was flown by the rebels against French rule.

In 1976 North Vietnam joined together with The Socialist Republic of Vietnam the flag remained the same.

The Emblem of Vietnam

The Emblem of Vietnam was adopted in 1976. It is a red disc inside of which is a cogwheel and five-pointed red stars surrounded by rice corn with a banner stating “THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM” underneath.

The Historical Emblems of Vietnam

Below are historical examples of the Emblems of North and South Vietnam.

The Flags of the Vietnam Army

The Flags of the Vietnam Army are made up of the national flag with the words “DETERMINED TO WIN” in the upper left.

The Flag of the Vietnam People’s Air Force

The Flag of the Vietnam people’s Air Force was adopted in 1959 and is the national flag with the words “DETERMINED TO WIN” upper left and text saying “VIETNAM PEOPLE’S AIR FORCE” below.

The Flag of the Vietnam People’s Air Force

The Flag of the Vietnam People’s Navy is a white field with a vertical blue stripe and the Emblem of the Vietnam people’s Navy, including a blue anchor, gold star and wreath in the centre.

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