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STIK Pride Banner

  Meet STIK, his story begins in Hackney were he aimed to tell the story of his community and collaborate with charities and organisations in need. STIK’s latest project the “Pride in London 2016 Parade”. STIK features on a stunning banner which was paraded through London as part of the event. The banner is an […]

How to Create the Perfect Artwork


When you’re new to the large format printing world we appreciate it can be tough to get artwork perfect. That’s why we do our best to outline what we need from you so we can quickly move your order forward to the printers. What are we looking for? A print ready artwork file – meaning […]

Banner Installation

  We’re not just flags you know! We blogged about some new fabric tension banners a few weeks ago and had to add a few extra details the House of Illustration have since discussed. The old-fashioned building presented some unique problems but needed something to brighten up the beautiful entrance area… it is the House […]

House of Illustration Banner Installation

Flagmakers recently got involved in brightening up the beautiful frontage of the House of Illustration Building. We installed two large vibrant banners either side of the main entrance which our client was very pleased with. The aim was to portray some of the vibrant sketches inside the building on the exterior too! One of the […]

Congratulations to Marathon Des Sables Runners

The Marathon des Sables is said to be the world’s toughest footrace. It is essentially 6 days and 254km worth of adventure in the Moroccan desert. I am very pleased to announce that my Son Tom has successfully completed the event and has returned home safe and sound, if not a little battered and bruised. […]

Royal Marines Parade Float

Royal Marine Float

Flagmakers played a starring role in the Lord Mayor’s Parade on Saturday 8th November. The event watched by millions live on BBC last week saw various floats parade through the capital. Our services helped create the Royal Marines parade float which helped mark their 350 year anniversary. Flagmakers co-designed the Royal Marines parade float with […]

Battle of the Somme Banner of Remembrance

Our Battle of the Somme Banner designed for client to pay respects at local football game and Thiepval Memorial, Picardy in France. The Battle of the Somme Banner was an impressive 7m x 4m and designed to include handles and other features to give a stunning and easy to use banner.

USA Flag for Opening Night of “Here Lies Love”

USA Flag ColourWash XL

We were delighted to produce this large flag for the Dorfman Theatre’s new performance ‘Here Lies Love’. A performance about Imelda Marcos, the widow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. The aim to create a USA flag which fits exactly the back wall of the stage, the flag is then used during in the performance […]

Flagmakers supports young artist at MOSTYN Awards

MOSTYN gallery, described as one of Wales’ leading art galleries in the area of contemporary art, is a Llandudno-based gallery which is home to the annual Open awards.

Running for its 19th year now, the MOSTYN Open awards are an exciting opportunity for young and new artists to showcase their work and be in the running for a £10,000 grand prize.

Well-preserved Tutill banner discovered in Fringford

Before modern-day insurance companies and wellfare reform, it was commonplace for individuals and communities to band together and create what were called Friendly Societies. These groups would help each other with insurance, pensions, savings, or cooperative banking on small scales. These groups were able to provide a service to individuals and often according to their religious, political, or trade affiliations.

One such group was the Fringford Friendly Society, based in the village of Fringford, Oxfordshire. This society, part of the Mansfield Lodge of the Independent Order of the Oddfellows (Manchester Unity), was created on the 15th January 1872 (during the 37th year of Queen Victoria), but was dissolved (with the member’s consent) on the 17th February 1914.

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