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STIK Pride Banner

  Meet STIK, his story begins in Hackney were he aimed to tell the story of his community and collaborate with charities and organisations in need. STIK’s latest project the “Pride in London 2016 Parade”. STIK features on a stunning banner which was paraded through London as part of the event. The banner is an […]

Pudsey’s Slippers Fundraising Total

You may remember our blog post in November last year whereby we donated one of our hand sewn Union Jack’s to Shoe Zone’s event for Pudsey. Our two yard flag flew proudly at the event and we were very pleased to have been able to give a little something for Children In Need. This new blog […]

House of Illustration Banner Installation

Flagmakers recently got involved in brightening up the beautiful frontage of the House of Illustration Building. We installed two large vibrant banners either side of the main entrance which our client was very pleased with. The aim was to portray some of the vibrant sketches inside the building on the exterior too! One of the […]

Pudsey’s Union Jack

Flagmakers recently got involved with the official launch of Pudsey’s Feet ahead of this year’s BBC Children In Need. Pudsey is teaming up with Shoe Zone in his latest venture to bring fun slippers to a store near you! We were able to lend a hand at the Pudsey Feet launch event by donating one […]

Primary School’s Union Jack Flag

Primary School New Flag

Flagmakers have recently provided a new sewn Union Jack flag to Burwell Village College Primary in Cambridgeshire. The primary school’s Union Jack Flag has replaced a rather tatty looking flag which was flying outside the school previously.

Congratulations to Marathon Des Sables Runners

The Marathon des Sables is said to be the world’s toughest footrace. It is essentially 6 days and 254km worth of adventure in the Moroccan desert. I am very pleased to announce that my Son Tom has successfully completed the event and has returned home safe and sound, if not a little battered and bruised. […]

Standards on Display for the Royal British Legion Annual Conference

The sun shone brightly to welcome the delegates to the Royal British Legion (RBL) Annual Conference 2014, in Torquay. The Conference which, combines both the formal business of the Legion with the opportunity for the organisation to meet, socialise and perform the ceremonial rituals of remembrance.

Our company has been attending the conference for many years, historically through our sister company Porters and most recently exhibiting as Flagmakers. Delegates arrive from branches across the UK and further afield. This year we were delighted to meet visitors from branches in Germany, Spain and there was a particularly large delegation which, had travelled across the water from Northern Ireland, of which more later…

Flagmakers supports PACE Charity on latest fundraising event

PACE is an Aylesbury-based charity that helps provide essential support to children with motor disorders, such as cerebral palsy. The group was first established in 1990 in converted farm buildings, and since then has been growing in strength and support, up to today where it operates across four sites and works with over 100 children.

Rated as “Outstanding” by OFTED’s 1012 report, PACE has been instrumental in improving the lives of many children and their families across the country, both in their charity work and with their independent special school, catering for children with motor disorders.

Garden charity Midsummer Gardens gets flag from Flagmakers

Midsummer Gardens is a charity not quite like any others. The one thing the UK has in abundance is enthusiastic gardeners who spend much of their time and effort in perfecting their gardens. The people of Midsummer Gardens have come across an opportunity to help local charities by taking advantage of the usually-private gardens.

Started in 2003, an enthusiastic gardener named Tony McDonnell realised that there are a number of beautiful gardens in the UK that the public don’t have access to. So what if he could organise weekends where the public were allowed to visit these gardens for a small fee which would then go to charity?

Historic banner found down-under

George Tutill, one of our sister companies, is proud of its heritage and we’re always delighted when they unearth fascinating examples of their art from days of old. The latest discovery is a ceremonial banner, dating from pre-1900, that is now on prominent display in a museum in New South Wales in Australia. The banner […]