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Breaking News: Flagmakers new brochure launched

February 2018 and we are in receipt of our new brochure. If you haven’t yet received your copy, don’t despair, as we’ll be happy to send you a copy today. Just give us a call on 01494 783938 or drop us a line on now and we’ll see that you receive a copy in […]

Perfect Flag Protocol

We would like to send a little well done the Retford Oaks Academy in Nottinghamshire. The school not only has 5 beautifully maintained flagpoles outside they are also flying the flags to the correct protocols. Easy though this may seem, it is often not followed correctly. The key here is that the order of the […]

67 Pall Mall Flag

67-Pall Mall Flag

Flagmakers are delighted to have supplied a set of bespoke hand sewn appliqué flags for new private members only club 67 Pall Mall. The club is already been dubbed London’s new home for true wine connoisseurs. We produced two flags for the impressive new members club. This enables 67 Pall Mall to ensure a flag […]

Quick Switch for Tabernacle Flagpole

This week Flagmakers were invited to the rather grand looking Truchas House. The task, to replace the worn and tried looking flagpole with a shiny new aluminium flagpole. The pole stands an impressive 25ft tall (or 7.6m). Under normal circumstances the weight of this flagpole would be challenging to manage. However, at this particular location the […]

Runnymede Joins Magna Carta 800 Celebrations

The 15th June 2015 commemorated 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta. There seemed no better way to acknowledge this than a celebration at the original signing site, Runnymede. The 80 hand sewn flags we had manufactured were transported to the event and flown on the day of the commemorations.

Largest Flagpoles in the World – Aqaba Flagpole

Aqaba Jordan Flag & Flagpole

Featuring, the 137 metre tall flagpole which is currently the fifth largest unsupported flagpole in the world (was tallest when installed). With a flagpole this large the flag has to withstand extra pressure from winds and its own weight – with the flag been a whopping 20 x 40 metres to be in proportion with […]

The Nato Summit and Flagmakers

So how was Flagmakers involved? We were pleased to provide all of the flag standards for the event. That’s was a mere 280 poles required for this one event! 50 of these poles were to be carried and the rest to stand within the venue. Flagmakers also made 24 of the flags which were to […]

Using and Maintaining your Flagpole in 3 Easy Steps

Here at Flagmakers we are passionate about looking after your new or upgraded flagpole installation. We are here to advise and guide you in caring for the requirements of the pole including safety and maintenance concerns.

On installing a flagpole we fit a couple of small advisory stickers. These are designed to make future maintenance easier and help guide you through any issues you may have.

Case Study: Manchester Museum Flagpole Removal and Installation

Here at Flagmakers no challenge is too big, small or precarious for that matter. The recent removal and installation of a flagpole at the Manchester Museum proved quite a challenge. The job involved removing the heavy timber pole currently in place and mounting a new replacement pole the following week, all completed at around 20m above the street.

The job involved various obstacles to consider, a key element been safety. The Museum is situated on a busy road surrounded by university buildings. This meant closing the road for up to 4 hours on the elected Sunday mornings to try and minimise disruption to the public. Over this period the road went to a singular lane and measures had to taken to ensure pedestrians could safely pass, with access monitored via the usual pavement.

Kings Cross Station Gets New Flags and High Tech Flagpoles

The £550 million pound redevelopment of Kings Cross Station is absolutely stunning. The redevelopment has helped to attract £2.2bn of private investment into a previously largely derelict and disused 67 acre site, which will include 2,000 new homes. They have transformed the ageing station into a modern and vibrant terminal ready and suitable for the […]

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