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Magna Carta Flags

Inver Primary School, Cromartyshire

We thought about what our constituency looked like and used this as the inspiration for our flag. The blue represents the sky and the lochs, the brown is the hills and mountains and the green the farming land that surrounds our school. We worked together as a whole class of 18 children to share our ideas and think what our area meant to us. We all agreed that the thistle was the main symbol of Scotland and that as we are part of Scotland it should be included. We all designed and made our own individual flags but Zoe’s design (Primary 5) was chosen as our favourite.

Nesting Primary School, Shetland

We are representing the constituency of Orkney and Shetland, two very distinct island groups. We have used the sporting colours of the two counties as the background,blue for Shetland and red for Orkney.We have then added the black raven to represent our joint Viking heritage. 5 pupils worked on this design. Our total school roll is 23.

Landhead Primary School, Antrim

Our design was inspired by the local colours of the area. It incorporated the green to signify the green and fertile land, the wheat sheaf to show the farming community, the blue for water and a representation of the Giants Causeway as a world heritage site. The 17 children played around with their own ideas and decided on the best simplified versions to be represented on the flag. They wanted to keep it bold and simple. They tried a variety of uses of blocks of colour and came to a democratic decision on the appealing impact of the vertical stripes. The design was drafted using cut out shapes and the final design was completed on the computer.

Fort Hill Integrated Primary School, Down

Our flag is inspired by the beautiful River Lagan which flows through the heart of our constituency between Belfast and Lough Neagh. The abundant wildlife and natural habitats are symbolised by the heron whilst the blue flax flowers represents the linen industry which once thrived in this area. The river played a crucial role as a transport and trade route during linen’s heyday. That is why we included the black arrow shape to represent one of the many locks which allowed the river to be navigated by bargemen and their horses.

Didsbury Road Primary School, Lancashire

This flag represents the Manchester constituency of Stockport and its progress of industrial Stockport into the era of technology. As you come into Stockport by train you arrive over the 27 arched viaduct, which is the largest brick structure in Western Europe. It was designed by George W. Buck and completed in 1840, representing the advanced engineering skills of industrial Stockport. You can also come into Stockport by the M60 motorway, which is directly underneath.

The Quinta Primary School, Cheshire

The inspiration for our emblem of the paw print came from the legend that Congleton sold its bible to buy a new bear hence its nickname Beartown. The central hearts represent the little town with a big heart. We chose black and white to link with our historical Tudor past and Little Moreton Hall. The wheat sheaf is the emblem of Cheshire of which we are in the county of. The green hill is The Cloud at Bosley which is a famous landmark which is apparent from many viewpoints in town.

Ysgol Esgob Morgan, Flintshire

Our design was inspired by the red, white and green colours found to symbolise Wales and also the ‘Cross Keys’ of St Asaph, the Cathedral City in the centre of our constituency. Our year 5 class led the design process and voted for Jacob’s final design to be our entry to the project.

Ysgol Kingsland, Anglesey

Four children won a class competition with this design which they described as follows: “The blue is to say that we are an island surrounded by water. We chose yellow for the outer ring to represent the coast/sand. The green of the inner ring is the land.”

Ysgol Porth Y Felin, Caernarfonshire

The flag displays the three colours of the Welsh flag – white, red and green – and is emblazoned with a motif showing Conwy Castle and the Thomas Telford road bridge.

Ysgol Pen y Bryn, Denbigshire

The red on our flag repesents the dragon which is on the Welsh flag. We thought it was important that Wales in represented in any constituency. Clwyd West covers both seaside and countryside so we have decided to use the green to represent the grassland, farmland and fields which are all around us and the blue represents the rivers, lakes and coastline in our area. We are lucky to live in Clwyd West which has many old castles and we felt it important that the castles were represented. After choosing these three colours we felt that very little else was needed as the best parts of our constituency were all represented.