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Replacement flag delights Ickenham Cricket Club

Flagmakers are often called upon to repair flags but wherever a flag really has been through the wars and looks a sorry state due to being left out in all weathers, we recommend a replacement. The Ickenham Cricket Club have done just that, as their flag was looking a little sorry for itself. It is […]

Flags Help Tell So Many News Stories

Like many of us, I like to keep an eye on the daily news online and cannot help but note that there is hardly a day that goes by without at least one image used in which a flag is included. Occasionally the story is about the flag itself, but more often than not they […]

New Season Begins… Start a Fresh

It seems only a couple of weeks since the end of the last football season, but were all getting ready to fire back up again! The lads are thinking about new designer boots and what style will Rooney wear this year? The latest shirts have hit the press with great anticipations of new signings and changing numbers.

The start of the season arrives, your new kit looks great, rested pitch looks fantastic and stadium has had a good clean and tidy over the summer. Yet the flag which should hold your teams badge looks worn, tatty, and forgotten. The pride you hold for the badge on the shirt why not on the flag hoisted high above the stadium?

Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games

Over the next 10 days, 4,500 athletes from over 70 nations will compete in 17 sports in the hope that a year’s tough training will bring them a medal win. More than 1 million fans are expected to cheer on the athletes inside the 13 official venues with many more watching around the world.

Of course the big question we were asking was, which flags will we see and how many?

Sir Chris Hoy Leads Flag Procession for Commonwealth Games Launch

The Queen started the countdown to next year’s Commonwealth Games as she handed over the official baton for a relay which will travel more than 120,000 miles around the world. Allan Wells, winner of four Commonwealth golds and the 100-metre sprint title at the 1980 Olympics, was the first carrier of the baton before it […]

National flags set to impress ‘snow bums’

If you refer to the official snowboarding jargon dictionary, you’ll find over 400 words that have been submitted by enthusiasts to cover terms, definitions and slang used in this high-octane sport. Like that word in the headline that describes someone who eats, lives and breathes snowboarding. Things like ‘bitchin calfdick’, when your boot digs into […]

Grand prix erupts in grand row

This is bad news for us at Flagmakers. Historically after a Formula 1 Grand Prix race, national flags are hoisted above the three drivers at the podium ceremony. At some of the circuits recently, the drivers’ home country flags have been replaced with electronically generated versions. This is clearly not good for the flag making […]

Football fans get fanatical over flags

It’s not unusual to see football fans enthusiastically hoisting their team’s flag on match days and, yes, some of them do want to adorn their bedroom windows with them as well. But for one Yorkshire couple, they’ve gone a stage further – by erecting a flagpole in their front garden – to show the world […]

Webber’s Victory at the British Grand Prix signalled by Flagmakers.

Ever wondered who makes the flags for the most prestigious event in the British Motorsport Calendar? You guessed it, we do. An action packed British F1 Grand Prix this weekend saw Mark Webber victorious after his Redbull team read the conditions and strategy right to beat Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso by just under 4 seconds to […]

Flagmakers Gearing up for the Final Olympic Push

2012 has proven an amazing year to be a flag Manufacturer.  We’d barely had a chance to draw breath following the Jubilee then the Euro 2012 Championships started.  Of course we’re rooting for England and it seems a lot of supporters out there feel the same way too.  Online we’re offering a choice of 5 […]