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RBL standards adorn Ypres chapel

Last month saw the 100-year commemoration of the Battle of Passchendaele, near Ypres in France. St George’s is a Memorial Church in Ieper (Ypres); built between 1927 and 1929 it commemorates the many thousands of British and Commonwealth troops who fell at the three battles fought in the surrounding area during the Great War. The […]

BBC One TV show: SS-GB

Flagmakers were asked to produce a variety of flags and banners for the new BBC TV show called SS-GB. This drama is based on the novel which has the same name as the show and was written by Len Deighton in 1978. This is a story about an alternative timeline where Britain is being occupied […]

Royal Engineers Flag

Flagmakers recently manufactured a Royal Engineers Flag for an event which saw it climb to the top of Mount Toubkal. The Royal Engineers division provides military engineering and technical support to the British Armed Forces. The challenge for this division of the British Army was to climb Mount Toubkal. Which is some challenge considering the […]

War Torn Flags Photoshoot

Theatre Props were approached by award winning photographer Scott Heavey to provide a ‘war torn flags’ look for a photo shoot with Getty Images. We were excited to be apart of this, as most of our flags are either made from scratch or maintenance and restoration type works. Theatre Props intentions with our supplied hand sewn flags were quite the opposite; they did a fantastic job in transforming the new flags in to the required distressed look.

Flag Restoration – White Ensign

We were recently invited to work on the restoration of beautiful old flag which had fallen into a state of disrepair. The flag held huge sentimental value for our client and underwent a long and delicate restoration process to restore the white ensign to its former glory. Flagmakers take great pride our ability to offer […]

Churchill’s Coffin Drape by Flagmakers

Churchill Bearer & Drape

Today marks 50 years since the state funeral of Winston Churchill, and here at Flagmakers we take great pride in having been the manufacturer of the great leaders coffin drape Union Jack. Having lead Britain to victory in World War 2 the illustrious prime minister received a state funeral. The only “commoner” to do so […]

Royal Marines Parade Float

Royal Marine Float

Flagmakers played a starring role in the Lord Mayor’s Parade on Saturday 8th November. The event watched by millions live on BBC last week saw various floats parade through the capital. Our services helped create the Royal Marines parade float which helped mark their 350 year anniversary. Flagmakers co-designed the Royal Marines parade float with […]

Battle of the Somme Banner of Remembrance

Our Battle of the Somme Banner designed for client to pay respects at local football game and Thiepval Memorial, Picardy in France. The Battle of the Somme Banner was an impressive 7m x 4m and designed to include handles and other features to give a stunning and easy to use banner.

Lights Out – WWI Commemoration

The centenary of the start of the event saw thousands of people join the “lights out campaign”. This meant spending the evening with candle light alone to see, as a mark of respect for the incredible sacrifice and trauma so many solider and civilians would have felt.

The day although met with great sorrow and sadness caused many to come out and raise flags and poppy wreaths as a mark of respect and the national pride these men displayed. Events also included a presentation of all the flags of countries involved throughout these horrific years.

UK Prepares for Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day flag raising

This Saturday, the 28th June 2014, the UK celebrates the sixth annual Armed Forces Day.

The event, set up to raise public awareness of the contribution made by the armed forces for the country and to allow the public to show their support of the troops, was originally called Veterns’ Day when it was first set up in 2006, however has been renamed to Armed Forces Day in 2009.

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