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Space Memorabilia for Sale Includes Flags

An auction to sell off items that have been taken on space missions include flags that have been flown on those missions.

PR Auctions, the Massachusetts-based online auction company which has arranged the sale, is including a number of flags, most of them the flag of the United States, a number of which that went to the moon.

One of the items that is also for sale is an early version of the Spanish flag, which was onboard the Apollo 14 space mission in 1971 – the last manned mission to the moon.

Flags are just some of the items for sale in the auction, with other items including personal mementos to the individual astronauts on the mission.

One of the more controversial items for sale is that of a Playboy calendar photo of a topless blonde model, holding a pool cue. It had been snuck aboard the Apollo 12 mission. The calendar bears the date November 1969, with the current bid for the item being tripe its opening bid, standing at $3,100.

Other items include a number of freeze-dried food items, including a complete dried beef pot roast, inside a plastic bag and nozzle for the hot water injection, plus a cube of strawberry cereal labelled “Space Food”.

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