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Standards on Display for the Royal British Legion Annual Conference

royal-british-legion-annual-conference-2014-17The sun shone brightly to welcome the delegates to the Royal British Legion (RBL) Annual Conference 2014, in Torquay. The Conference which, combines both the formal business of the Legion with the opportunity for the organisation to meet, socialise and perform the ceremonial rituals of remembrance.

Our company has been attending the conference for many years, historically through our sister company Porters and most recently exhibiting as Flagmakers. Delegates arrive from branches across the UK and further afield. This year we were delighted to meet visitors from branches in Germany, Spain and there was a particularly large delegation which, had travelled across the water from Northern Ireland, of which more later…

At Flagmakers we are suppliers of all the ceremonial Standards and accessories that a branch needs, As well as making the standard themselves we supply ceremonial poles, carrying straps and gauntlets, plus Union flags and other items. We are delighted to be the RBL’s officially nominated supplier.

Delegates have a packed schedule so opportunities to discuss their requirements are grabbed between sessions and before the start of business. Enquiries came thick and fast. As members started to arrive on Saturday morning our Sales Manager Deibo Bowry was on hand to field questions and serve a queue of customers.

After the conclusion of business the standard bearers from nearly 100 branches together with the national senior, and junior standard bearers formed up outside the conference hall to march to the war memorial. Lead by the Band of the Rifles, on the hottest day of the year so far, the parade stretched for several hundred metres as they made their way along the seafront. The Mayor, and other dignitaries laid wreaths, before the parade was dismissed for a well earnt drink or ice cream.

One of the decisions taken at the conference was the symbolically significant one to hold the 2018 conference in Belfast. Competing teams from Visit Belfast, and Skegness were petitioning visitors to choose their town for this event. As mentioned earlier Northern Ireland was represented by a large contingent who, were delighted by the result of the vote. At Flagmakers we always enjoy meeting the branch members at conference, and we’ll be back in 2015 to do it all again.

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Written by...

Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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