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STIK Pride Banner


Meet STIK, his story begins in Hackney were he aimed to tell the story of his community and collaborate with charities and organisations in need. STIK’s latest project the “Pride in London 2016 Parade”.

STIK features on a stunning banner which was paraded through London as part of the event. The banner is an impressive 2 metres high, a bespoke piece hand sewn ahead of the big day.

The striking large banner was not just for the parade. It was commissioned by Hackney Council in collaboration with Flagmakers and will go onto auction following the parade. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to LGBT charities… another fantastic cause STIK has assisted!

STIK found himself hand-in-hand with a pal in unity over the instantly recognisable pride flag backdrop. How would you expect a giant stick figure to travel around London? By a Hackney Carriage Taxi of course! The banner was mounted to the roof of the vehicle and slowly paraded through the heart of London.

STIK didn’t just feature on the banner, he was the centre of a campaign in collaboration with the Hackney Today Newspaper. 108,000 Hackney residents received the paper which included a D.I.Y STIK placard and an invite to join the march alongside STIK at Pride.

The STIK banner will be on display at the Hackney Museum for a period before been auctioned, so if you get the opportunity please drop by and take a look! This type of large sewn banner is quite rare and are not commissioned often. The work on the banner is quite intricate in places so you need to get up close and personal to truly appreciate the beauty of this one-off piece.

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