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Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

CSCSThe Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) offer security and confirmation to you as a customer that the individuals working on or around construction spaces have the required training and qualifications. Within the UK there are 1.9 million cardholders and counting. The scheme is widely recognised in UK workplaces and the card acts as a demonstration of the cardholder’s commitment to safe and efficient working.

For Flagmakers holding the card proves we have achieved and have been recognised as having completed the relevant qualifications for our sector. This is mainly working at height but also involves safe operation of specialist machinery, such as the “cherry pickers” we often require.

The nature of work means safety of the general public is a highly significant factor as we often work with damaged or awkwardly positioned flagpoles which require attention. Hence schemes such as CSCS allow the public to easily understand our expertise and feel at ease on the occasions where we may be working over footpaths or roads.