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Flag Restoration – White Ensign

Restored White Ensign FlagWe were recently invited to work on the restoration of beautiful old flag which had fallen into a state of disrepair. The flag held huge sentimental value for our client and underwent a long and delicate restoration process to restore the white ensign to its former glory.

Flagmakers take great pride our ability to offer a flag restoration service, we want to play our part in keeping antique flags in a beautiful condition. That’s where this White Ensign’s story begins, our client Martin Patterson brought a tatty looking flag to our attention and we were able to provide the TLC it required.

This wasn’t just a flag to Mr Patterson, the son of the late Commodore Derek Patterson, this was a found memory of his father’s naval service. A few month ago Martin brought the flag to us so we could discuss the best cleaning and restoration process for his flag. The flag was previously owned by Commodore Patterson from his time as Commodore of the Royal Naval Reserve in the early 1970’s.

The white ensign flag had not been flown for a whopping 40 years so the flag restoration proved a long and delicate process, but the results were fantastic.  Mr Patterson was delighted with the quality of the work and went onto present his late father’s ensign to the Eastbourne Royal Naval Association. The association where Commodore Patterson had been President for many years and something a young Mr Patterson had found memories of.

The Chairmen of the association was incredibly grateful of Martin’s kindness, appreciating it must have been difficult to give up this family heirloom. Mr Patterson did however keep his father’s newly restored pennant. The pennant was flown in honour of Commodore Patterson on the 12th October as a commemoration of his efforts, on what would have been his 92nd birthday.

Finally, we’d like to thank Mr Patterson for letting Flagmakers be a part of his wonderful flag restoration story. It is always very special to see such an old flag lovingly restored to its former glory.


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