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Red Ensign Enters Rolex Swan Cup

A recent client approached Flagmakers as a supplier of the specialist Red Ensign flag. Mr Jennings has since sent us a few photos from his latest adventures. Mr Jennings and his team, including two Swedish and an Italian sailor, recently departed on their competitive sailing journey.Red-Ensign-Yacht-Trip

The team are to race in the 18th Edition of the Rolex Swan Cup. The event is based in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. There will be around 100 stunning yachts competing in the race which runs along the picturesque Sardinian coast line. Mr Jennings also assures us the “Swan” events are always surrounded by prestigious glamour and fine dining. Something we would only expect from a Rolex sponsored event. Enjoy the ride sailors, and try not to end up sea sick from too much fine food and wine.

What is the Red Ensign?

The Ensign was of course the perfect choice with its roots been at sea. The flag otherwise known as the “Red Duster” originates from the early 17th century as an English Ensign flown by the Royal Navy, and later specifically by The British Merchant Navy.

Today, the Red Ensign can be used by civilian vessels, whereas the White Ensign is reserved for use within the Royal Navy and the Blue Ensign is to be used under Admiralty warrant by certain officers and clubs. The Red Ensign Group also includes: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, and Isle of Man.

This Flagmakers flag will fly proudly aboard Hardship III along her stunning Sardinian journey. Hardship III is a beautiful 40 year old yacht embarking on her first race with the new team. We are hopeful our Red Ensign will bring Mr Jennings and Co the best of luck. We also add that we wish them a safe and thoroughly enjoyable journey.

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