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St George’s for St Mary’s Church

St George FlagLast month we were able to provide a beautiful large flag for St. Mary’s Northchurch. The hand sewn St George’s flag was issued to the church following damage to their old flag, this was from age and recent poor weather conditions. This new flag was to fly throughout the Harvest services that the church hosts annually.

The first harvest service was held at the start of October which meant the flag was hoisted for the first time early that morning. Once the immaculate new 4 yard flag was hoisted the bell ringing services could begin. This was ahead of the communion service at 8:00am, part of a long-standing tradition of the church.

The rest of October saw two local primary schools hold their own harvest thanksgiving services in the beautiful community church. The church regularly holds groups and clubs such as the Monday Club and the Happy Wanderers who enable elderly people to get together on a regular basis held a service also.

Flagmakers were proud to help such a wonderful traditional church which serves its community and provides a meeting please for those in need. The flag we provided was an authentic hand sewn 4 yard flag. This is quite a large flag as we do not often supply flags large than 3 yards. However, in this case the 4 yard flag is the correct size due to the height at which the flag flies and the flagpole it is mounted onto.

All of the services brought gifts that will be passed on to DENS, the Decorum Emergency Night Shelter, who also manage the local food bank. It gives us great pleasure to know we were able to be apart of this and it fills us with great pride to know such traditions are still practised and appreciated by all ages.

If you are unsure on the appropriate size of flag for your flagpole please give the Flagmakers team a call and we will advise what will look most appropriate, along with any flying instructions you may need.

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