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Church Stretton Cursed By Recurring Flag Thefts

Repeated flag thefts in Church Stretton, Shropshire, are leaving civic leaders despondent and downhearted.

Regardless of the flag being hoisted or the occasion being celebrated, the volunteers who are hoisting the flags are seeing losses multiplying and flags are disappearing almost as soon as they are put in place.

One of the helpers, Chris Kolvin, said that he was getting “incredibly frustrated” and he feels that the perpetrators of the thefts are intoxicated young people.

“These flags are paid for by town businesses and from the pocket of another volunteer, John Woolmer, who I help to put them up,” he said. “It’s incredibly frustrating that people are stealing them, and it is not the first time. They have been taken in previous years too.”

One of the town’s events, the Summerfest, was targeted earlier in the year where the flags were taken even before the event had started. In an effort to raise money to replace the stolen flags, Mr Kolvin said that he was considering putting collection boxes in local shops, and that he hoped that some compassion would be shown in order to replace the flags.

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