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God’s own county set to get its very own flag

Devon and Lincolnshire are two British counties that have successfully developed and produced their own custom flags recently. Now the county of East Yorkshire is aiming to follow suit with its own county flag as well. The Yorkshire Ridings Society does already have an official flag, comprising a white rose on a blue background that was introduced in Hull back in 2008. But the white rose is a symbol of the whole of Yorkshire, so the former East Riding wants to go one better with its very own design.

Invitations have been issued to the general public to design a new flag, and judging of the custom flags will be carried out in March. Andy Strangeway, who came up with the idea, was inspired by the Lincolnshire campaign run by Judy Theobald. She said their flag has been very successful: “You see it in shop windows; you see it on local produce; it has been taken on board by a tremendous number of people.”

Mr Strangeway, describes himself on his website as a ‘Campaigner and Adventurer Sleeping in Remote UK Locations’. He has announced that he intends to carry some of the new custom flags around with him when he embarks on a walk across the county in August. We reckon though, given the weather up on Flamborough Head and other ‘remote UK locations’, he probably only wants the flags to wrap himself up in to keep warm while he’s sleeping at night on some precarious cliff edge during his expeditions.

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