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Flag Institute Registered British Flagmakers

Flag Institute 25 years awardFlagmakers are proud members of the Flag Institute currently holding a gold membership. The gold membership symbolises the longevity Flagmakers has shown in supporting the Flag Institute, for over 25 years.

The Flag Institute is the world’s largest research and documentation centre for flags. The institute is the largest vexillological (study of flags) membership organisation in the world.

The institute also maintains and manages the national UK flag registry, ensuring a definitive list of national and regional UK flags. Vexillological services are also provided to HM Government in the UK and wider world organisations, including the UN.

How does this relate to Flagmakers?

smalllogoThe Flag Institute works with organisations in advertising the use of flags, designing new flags and collating information on flags of the world. We are passionate about encouraging the use of flags and promoting proper practice in their use.

This goal is perfectly aligned with the targets of the Flag Institute and our membership enables us to understand latest flag changes and see flag specific news first.

Read more about the Flag Institute’s work here.