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The Nato Summit and Flagmakers


So how was Flagmakers involved? We were pleased to provide all of the flag standards for the event. That’s was a mere 280 poles required for this one event! 50 of these poles were to be carried and the rest to stand within the venue. Flagmakers also made 24 of the flags which were to be carried on the ceremonial poles, as important guests and delegates arrived.

Flagmakers is honoured to have been involved in the preparations for the Nato summit to be held on the 4th and 5th of September. The event taking place at Newport’s Celtic Manor Resort. As the summit moves into its second day today, the event hosts 60 world leaders including: Barack Obama, David Cameron, Russian President Vladimir Putin and many, many more influential individuals.

There will be 4000 delegates at the event also, hence venue size and safety have been paramount factors in preparation for the event and the selection of the Celtic Manor Resort as the venue . Security at the Manor has been tightened to “ring of steel” denoting a fence covering 13.5km (8 miles) circling the resort, ensuring safety for all inside the event.

Flagmakers is keeping a close eye on the event and was thrilled to see the photograph above of the flags all standing proudly side by side. The event moves into its second day today and we will certainly watching tonights news with great interest as I’m sure many of you will be!


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