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Liverpool gets one of its tallest flagpoles

St George’s Hall in Liverpool is widely regarded as one of the finest neo-classical buildings in the world. Having fallen into disrepair in the 1980s, it was reopened in April 2007 as the result of a £23m award-winning refurbishment project. The powers-that-be decided recently that a giant flag should be erected to celebrate its new found cultural status and asked Flagmakers to install a flagpole in front of this iconic building. You could say that we rose to the occasion.

We are Britain’s only stockists of twenty-metre aluminium flagpoles. We produce them entirely in-house as a single-piece product and they weigh in at an impressive 300kg. The pole has a finial at the top that is the size of a football and the foundations had to be specially constructed from 25 tonnes of concrete, occupying 10.8 cubic metres.

Having manufactured the pole at our factory, we then had to employ the services of an extended-load trailer and crane to erect it on site in Liverpool. If you want to see a fascinating time-lapse video of this installation, go to

The crowning glory was the Union Jack that was hoisted when the operation was completed and that measured a massive five yards long. It does beg the question though – if the place is called St Georges’s Hall, wouldn’t a St Georges Flag have been more appropriate?

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