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Quick Switch for Tabernacle Flagpole

This week Flagmakers were invited to the rather grand looking Truchas House. The task, to replace the worn and tried looking flagpole with a shiny new aluminium flagpole. The pole stands an impressive 25ft tall (or 7.6m).

Under normal circumstances the weight of this flagpole would be challenging to manage. However, at this particular location the flagpole was mounted in a tabernacle. A tabernacle is a large base which surrounds the first couple of metres of the pole. Tabernacle’s are large heavy bases, but can sometimes make our flagpole maintenance work a nice smooth process. The tabernacle has two pins which go through the tabernacle, then flagpole and finally the other side of the tabernacle.

So how does that help our engineers? When one pin of the tabernacle is removed the remaining one acts as a pivot. The pivot helps take some of the flagpoles weight and makes it much easier for the team to gently lower the flagpole to the ground. Once lowered the second pin can be removed, thus releasing the old flagpole to make room for the new replacement.

The significant thing to remember when working with tabernacle flagpoles is that the new flagpole needs to have the spaces for the pins which create the pivot. This involves some very precise measuring to ensure everything is in perfect alignment.  Before positioning the new flagpole the tabernacle gets a lick of paint, to ensure its looking its best!

The new flagpole is then lifted into position to fit the first pin. Once this pin is securely positioned as previously the flagpole can be pulled into position using the pin as a pivot. Finally the second pin will secure the new pole into position… and its as simple as that! Well our engineers make it look easy anyway! Once the sparkling new flagpole is in position it can be finished off by hoisting a new or freshly washed Union Jack of course.

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