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Churchill Feature Film Flags

The year will see the release of a feature film of the life of Sir Winston Churchill titled “Without Victory There is No Survival”. Flagmakers were selected to supply a collection of flags to be used at various stages throughout the film.

We supplied four flags two Unions, a ceremonial hand sewn Union and finally an Eisenhower sewn flag. Eisenhower? We knew we thought the same… President Eisenhower actually had his own presidential flag, we still learn something new every day after all this time!

The unusual flag has a red field feature five large bold white stars. We’re afraid we don’t have any pictures at the moment but we’ll be watching with baited breathe when the film does get released. We love seeing rare and ceremonial flags so this was already an exciting job for us. To make this even better I got a pleasant surprise after we had supplied the flags.

Our lovely customer was kind enough to send me a beautiful card – accompanied by a Cuban Cigar. Well sort of… a chocolate Cuban cigar (which was divine!). The sentiment was lovely and the thought of a cigar was brilliant in-light of the flags been for a Churchill focused production.

We would like to send out thanks and hope filming continues to run smoothly… This little bit of fun made me smile if nothing else! We’ll all be tuned in when the production airs later this year. Good luck for Flagmakers.

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Kirstie Hawes

Kirstie Hawes is the Sales Manager here at Flagmakers, and brings an experience and enthusiasm that keeps the sales coming in and our office a great place to work!

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