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Cromford’s New Village Flag

CromfordCromford became the latest in a small club of villages to have its own registered flag. The new flag finally achieved its approval last month, certified by chief vexillologist Graham Bartram.

The news came as a great surprise to designer Clem Wilson who originally designed the flag in 2006, it was first flown in the village in 2010. Since 2010 the flag has flown proudly over the village on festive occasions.

Clem has slowly taken the flag from paper to print via local council approval before submission to the flag institute for a final approval.

The design incorporates elements that represent a mill, millpond and wheel to represent the influence of Sir Richard Arkwright. Arkwright had a huge impact on the village as well as the industrial whole world. In the late 18th Century, he built a series of mills in the Cromford area which became the first factories in the world. The flag therefore is about ensuring Cromford remembers its industrial heritage.

The colour scheme of the flag is a double representation, following both the scheme of the registered Derbyshire County flag, and echoing the colour scheme of Sir Richard Arkwright’s coat of arms.

Registering the flag not only makes it the official flag of the village. This also ensures the appropriate Pantone colours are attributed to the flag so it can be manufactured anywhere in the world and look exactly as Clem designed. Ian, Clem’s colleague commented “Thanks also for the flags themselves which we are delighted with. These will be sold around the village to be displayed at special occasions.”

Hopefully that means the next time you visit Cromford the village will be a picture with the villages’ brand new flag draped in memory and appreciation of the villages industrial heritage.

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