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Fly the French Tricolour

President François Hollande has urged people to display the French tricolour when victims of the horrific attacks are commemorated. The President hoping to use the flag as a comeback from links to nationalism it had represented.

As France prepares for a day of national mourning and remembrance for the 130 people killed in the Paris terrorist attacks, sales of the national tricolour flag haven risen for the first time in decades. Previously the flag had been shunned as a symbol of nationalism or the far-right, the French flag has made a comeback as a symbol of peace and defiance after gunmen and suicide bombers attacked.

François Hollande is to lead a ceremony today commemorating the victims of France’s worst-ever terror attacks. While relatives and survivors gather to hear his address at Les Invalides complex that houses a military museum and Napoleon’s tomb. The president has asked the rest of this country to hang flags from their windows as a display of support and collectiveness.

It has been reported sales have already more than doubled since the awful attacks. Possibly changing the nation’s current and future relationship with the longstanding tricolour. Although, it has always been raised on official buildings, the well-known flag has rarely been seen in homes except at key football moments such as the 1998 world cup.

A director of a Paris flag-maker Paris, told the press: “It’s incredible. There have only been two other times in French history that the flag has been popular on this scale. One was the World Cup in 1998. The other was the end of the second world war.”

As a Flagmaker we generally take great pride in such support of a national flag, but regrettably in this case it is with great sorrow we see the revival of the French flag. We would like to send our deepest condolences to all who have been touched or lost their lives in these horrific attacks. We are hopeful to never witness such barbaric scenes again.

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