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The Worshipful Company of Poulters Banner

Flagmakers recently created a beautiful piece for the Worshipful Company of Poulters. The banner features the striking and intricate coat of arms on a dark blue field with beautiful two-tone fringing to finish the piece.

This banner is quite unusual in that it combines many production techniques to create beautiful results. Larger elements of the design have been appliqued onto the fabric, creating a canvas for finer touches. The display flag moved into the hand painting and hand embroidery area. These touches give a really personalised and bespoke finish – making the flag truly one of a kind.

The fringing around the edge of the banner is in keeping with the intricate and ornate style of the banner. The choice of adding gold as well as a blue fringe really helps to lift the banner and highlight the colours within the stunning banner.

The new banner was unfurled last week at our Election Court Luncheon and was greatly appreciated by all involved in the Poulters association. The immaculate coat of arms we created getting a particular mention. “Thank you and Svilena and all the staff who worked on it for producing such an excellent coat of arms of our Company.”

Flagmakers would like to return the thank you to all at the Worshipful Company of Poulters. These pieces are beautiful things to be able to commission and work on, if not a little tricky at times!



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Paul Noble

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Paul Noble

Paul Noble is the current Sales & Marketing Director of the Flagmakers Group. He oversees both teams and retains a hands-on customer-facing role.

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