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Be prepared for bad weather! – Flags should be taken down if winds exceed Beaufort scale 6 (31 mph or 27 knots) Read more here 

We Care for Your Flag

We make the highest quality flags hence we understand our flags are an investment for now and the future. That’s why all of our flags will arrive with a handy “Flag Care” Leaflet. We believe in making it our business to ensure you flag looks great from the moment you raise your flag to the moment you choose to remove it.

The pocket booklet includes a brief guide to flag etiquette and general care ideas. Including handy facts and tips, such as: flag life expectancy, weathering, damage, washing, repair and storage. We therefore hope that this brief guide offers a good starting point to new users particularly.

Flag ranking was a factor I had never previously considered but is highly significant. Our mini guide explains briefly: firstly your national flag, second any visitors national flag and thirdly any company flags. Our guide is full of these simple but essential top tips.

Incorporating the latest technology we have been able to add QR codes to our latest leaflets to enable you to watch our video demonstrations on how to hoist you flag on both standard and internal halyard flagpoles.

These short demonstrations have been added for an extra helping hand, using phone applications simply hold your mobiles camera over the code and you’ll be directed straight to our how to guide on the website. We hope you find this helpful and gain a few top tips from our years of expertise.

QR Codes


Hoisting a Flag onto a Flagpole

QR Internal Halyard Flagpoles.

Internal Halyard Flagpoles


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