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How do we make a flag with a printed badge?

We’ve chosen to give you a demo of this process with a flag we manufactured for the Metropolitan Police Service. In this instance we print an element of the flag, the badge, from here we still appliqué into position. This method could be applied to any logo, badge or even image to place it onto a sewn flag.

Following a template, the fags are laid out onto the field – or background – of the flag. Today’s design has a checked border so two white sheets are placed in-between the navy blue. These are pinned into position ahead of sewing, where we use an appliqué machine to sew over the pattern. Now we remove the excess material on the front and back leaving the chequered effect border.

The field is now complete so we can now add the badge in this case. The badge has been produced separately on one of our digital printers, needing some very careful measuring and pinning into position before we can move to the next step. Heading back to one of our appliqué sewing machines our skilled machinist precisely follows the outline of the badge, thus securing it to the backdrop. The next stage is back with the scissors and trimming away the excess fabric now the appliqué is complete.

The finishing process can now begin, these flags have a triple tuned hem and we will sew round three of the sides twice using a lockstitch machine. Next we measure an appropriate sized cord and fit this into the headband of the flag. We fit a white wooden toggle in the top corner of the headband which will soon make up the fitting onto the flagpole. Once the cord is fitted the flag is complete ready for a quick inspection and then it’s on to be fitted at a Metropolitan Police Station.

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