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How do we make an Appliqué flag?

Flagmakers do more than national flags, part of our services can include producing bespoke and corporate flags for customers. Here we work through an appliquéd example for a Jewellers we supply flags for.

The flag starts its journey as an artwork which is produced or edited in our graphics studio. Once our client approves this an outline of the design can be printed onto fabric. The printed design can then be pinned onto the background (or “field”) of the flag. We then switch to one of our appliqué sewing machines where the pattern is sewn onto the printed fabric, using the print like a stencil. Now we can begin delicately trimming away any material which has not been sewn to the lower fabric, slowly revealing the intended design.

The flag is starting to take shape with the design complete, next we can begin finishing the flag. Each side of the flag is turned and hemmed with a neat and strong stitch from our lockstitch sewing machine. Flagmakers quality is key so a second line of sewing is always added for extra strength and a stunning flat-laying hem. If required we can reinforce the corners, by cutting a patch from the same material as the background. The supporting triangle is hemmed then sewn to the corner of the flag field.

We then cut a length of rope for the headband – this will later connect to the halyard (rope) of the flagpole when the flag is flying. We add a headband to the flag for the rope and toggle to go through, the toggle fitted in the top corner. The rope is secure having been sewn over several times. Some of our flags feature a tether line, in these cases we can use the reinforced corner to add eyelets to thread the line through. We complete a check for loose thread and a quick tidy up and that’s another flag ready to go.

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