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Knitted Polyester

The knitted polyester material is one of our favourites to use, and is usually our go-to medium for flags. The ink permeates through the fabric and prints the design onto the reverse giving a mirror-image, which is the norm with many flags.

Knitted Polyester (otherwise known as Jetflag) offers an excellent balance between weight and strength, it is light enough to fly in the lightest of breezes but will last several months of continuous usage. Thus making It is ideal for most kinds of promotional and corporate flags.

The material can be used for multiple types of printing, such as Direct, Screen, or Transfer printing. Flagmakers generally, use water-based dye sublimation inks with one of these 3 printing methods to create vivid colours and designs in your flags.

Material Type 100% Polyester
Manufacturer Georg+Otto Friedrich
Manufacturer Code 6050KBC
Weight 115g/m2 (±3 %)
Printing Method(s) Direct Screen Transfer
Flame Retardant No
Technical Data Download now
Printers Used Hollanders ColorBooster XL
Hollanders ColorBooster 230
Roland SJ-740
Fixation Used Hollanders ColorFix XL
Monti Antonio 2.5m Rotary Dye Sublimation Calendar
Monti Antonio Twin Bed 3.2m x 1.5m Flat-bed Dye Sublimation Heat Press
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