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POWERFlag material is a premium quality flag for outdoor use with unprecedented resistance against wear and damage from the effects of the wind and weather. The material gives brilliant colour and can last twice as long as conventional woven materials. POWERFlag unites value for money, elegance and quality.

POWERFlag has been rigorously tested by installing test flags on poles in exposed locations at an elevation of over 1200m above sea level. This means that the average and maximum wind speeds are much higher than typical ‘urban’ locations and the levels of UV are higher which accelerates fading from the sun. The results prove that POWERflag will last up to 3 times longer than standard knitted polyester flags and twice as long as woven polyester – until now the best material available. See our technical data to see just how much longer your flags will last. POWERflag represents superb value for money, they cost a little more initially but because they last so long you’ll save substantially in the long run.

The material is part of the exciting developments into double-sided fabric printing. The Hollanders ColourBooster DS is a world first in its capability to create incredible colour on both sides of the fabric at the same time. This saves material, ink and water making it a more environmentally friendly way to print.

Material Type100% Polyester
ManufacturerGeorg + Otto Friedrich GmbH
Printing Method(s)Direct Transfer
Flame RetardantNo
Technical DataDownload now
Printers UsedHollanders ColorBooster XL
Hollanders ColorBooster DS
Fixation UsedHollanders ColorFix XL
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