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Woven Polyester

Woven Polyester is an incredible versatile fabric which can be printed and manipulated in many different ways to create striking national and corporate flags. Dye sublimation is a technique where heat is used to transfer the inks onto the material, this material can also be screen printed and printed onto directly (by the new ColourBooster DS).

This type of Polyester is also great for flags as it is machine washable, we would advise a gentle wash. This is particularly favourable with flags flown at inner city locations where pollution can discolour the flags. These flags are a fairly heavy 155gsm which gives them a bold colour whilst still been light enough to fly. The fabric an MOD grade material - if its good enough for the military then we are sure it up to the challenge of most locations.

Material Type 100% Polyester
Manufacturer Brook International
Weight 155 gsm
Printing Method(s) Direct Screen Transfer
Flame Retardant No
Printers Used Roland SJ-740
Hollanders ColorBooster DS
Fixation Used Hollanders ColorFix XL
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