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Flag Hire and Repair

Flag Hire

Dressing your event with flags can become an expensive exercise, particularly if you require many different flags for only a short space of time. Our flag hire service is an ideal way to create an impact without a large capital cost. Popular national flags are available in 3 sizes listed below.

  • Choice of 180cm x 90cm (2 yard), 230cm x 115cm (2.5 yard), and 270cm x 135cm (3 yard) sizes
  • Wide selection of national flags
  • Installation available
  • Self install also an option
  • Select your own hire period

The hire system is perfect for short term events, a location we had particular success with was the 2014 Nato Summit. The events held at Newport’s Celtic Manor Resort hired an impressive 280 ceremonial flagpoles and 24 of our best sewn flags. All of this was available for the around week long hire for the specific event set-up.

Flag Laundry & Repair

corporate-flag-8Even the best made flags will wear over time. Because they are constantly moving the fly edge of the flag is usually the first place that starts to fray. Your flag is often the first thing a visitor will see on arrival and a worn flag makes the wrong impression. We will wash your flag using the appropriate detergents, then carry out all minor repairs required.

If your flag needs major work we will advise and provide a quote before starting. If you wish we can also provide a quote for a replacement so you have a new flag ready when the current one finally becomes un-usable.


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