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20 Questions with Flagmakers’ Sales Executive Charlotte Thomas-Lines

Charlotte Thomas-LinesThis morning our Sales Executive Charlotte Thomas-Lines arrived into work 10 minutes early, so we grabbed her and asked her 20 questions about her work at Flagmakers, her free time, and what she sees in the future.

Describe your role here at Flagmakers.

CT-L: I am a Sales Executive based in the Chesham office. I deal with the customer enquiries, from national flags to intricate custom-made flags.

How long have you been working here?

CT-L: I have been here 3 years now and I have to say, it has gone quickly, but that’s down to a great team that I work with and the manic days that keep me on my toes!

What did you do before joining Flagmakers?

CT-L: I worked from home part-time as a telephone critiquer, which involved listening to recorded sales calls and ensuring the salesperson asked the correct questions to the customer to establish a sale at the end of it. It definitely gave me an insight to sales before joining the Flagmakers team.

What makes a good sales executive?

CT-L: Great customer service, attention to detail, good people skills and a lot of patience. You have to be astute to the customer’s wants and needs and advise them from start to finish. It’s always a great challenge when a customer calls, not completely knowing what they would like to purchase, but you are able to suggest and steer them in right direction right for their requirements and they are over the moon with the service at the end of it.

What have been your highlights working here so far?

CT-L: I can’t pinpoint a particular time, as there is a highlight every day working here. I am lucky to work with such a great group of people that make it an enjoyable place to be.

Do you have a dream client that you’d love to work with?

CT-L: I have been fortunate enough to work with a few great clients during my 3 years, including Roland Mouret, Berry Bros., The Ritz and Ralph Lauren but if I could work with a particular client, I would be delighted with Liverpool F.C, as random as that is! I’ve been a loyal fan for years.

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Have you been to any trade exhibitions this year?

CT-L: I haven’t this year, I found out that I was expecting my first child, so it made any obligations for the shows a bit difficult.

Are there any trade shows you’d like to attend this year or next?

CT-L: I will be on Maternity leave as of the beginning of September, so it means I will be missing the next exhibitions.

What is the most eye-catching or unique marketing campaign you’ve seen?

CT-L: I saw that Sprite did a campaign on a beach using their slogan “What could be more refreshing than a Sprite?” and had a beach shower in the shape of a drinks dispenser. Definitely eye-catching and memorable.

Do you have a business inspiration?

CT-L: I can’t say that I do, but I did read a Richard Branson quote, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” It’s definitely a rule I try to live and work by now.

What is the one thing you’re looking forward to at Flagmakers in 2014?

CT-L: Being better than last year, of course!

What do you like to do in your down time?

CT-L: I’m a typical woman, so any time I have free, I like to shop! Otherwise, spending time with my friends, family and my partner, either going to the cinema, for a meal or a random trip to the zoo!

Have you read any good books lately?

CT-L: I love the Author Lesley Pearse and I am currently re-reading her book “Never Look Back” which is about a girl who has grown up in the slums of Victorian London and sails to New York where she heads on an adventure that changes her life. A definite must read.

If you ruled the world for a day, what would you do?

CT-L: I’d make it a better place to be for tomorrow.

Rugby or football?

CT-L: Football
What is the most useless fact you know?

CT-L: Texas is also the only state that is allowed to fly its state flag at the same height as the U.S. flag.

Did you have a dream job when you were young?

CT-L: I wanted to be a midwife up until about the age of about 17, then I saw what it involved!

Are there any countries you’d love to visit?

CT-L: I’d love to go to America and drive the Route 66. It’s always been a fantasy of mine and it’s on my bucket list.

How many sugars do you take in your tea or coffee?

CT-L: I don’t drink tea or coffee, I’m a hot chocolate fiend though and usually have an unhealthy 3-4 sugars in that.

If you could design a flag for the Thomas-Lines household, what would it look like?

CT-L: It would have the Irish tricolour for my mother’s side of the family and a beach with palm trees on there somewhere to symbolise my dad’s Caribbean heritage.

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