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George Tutill Regalia Antique Discovery

Firstly thank you to Mr Ron Long for getting hold of us to show us the piece and to help him find out more. Ron has also kindly allowed us to write about the antique. The item is a petite 3.8 inches high but that certainly does not mean it lacks detail.

With some investigating from both Mr Long and Flagmakers we have found the artefact could be as old as 1859. The date at which Tutill was forced to move production to 83 City Road following the previous premises been destroyed. The distinctive text “United We Stand Divided We Fall” is more commonly known for its feature in various songs but this also relates to the “Ancient Order of the Foresters”. An organisation which still exists and because of Mr Long will get the opportunity to see this stunning piece.

Tutill made many items similar to this, often labelled regalia. The small but ornate designs were often attached to Tutill’s work as a mark of his work and of quality. Much like modern Hallmarks used on money for example. The decorative and perfectionist style of Tutill’s work meant these pieces were often very detailed and well-crafted fitting with the rest of the banner.

We also found an “Order of the Foresters” banner which is now held at the East Lothian Museum, could this piece be missing its regalia? As always with the Tutill products which are discovered we are thankful of the opportunity to see them. We are also so pleased to see so many of these antique items have been lovingly cared for so they can still be enjoyed today.

Again Flagmakers thanks Mr Long for getting in touch to show us the piece they are always interesting and create some excitement in trying to identify what the pieces are, with every item been hand painted and crafted you never see the same thing twice!

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