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Appliqué Flags

Prestige locations demand an appliquéd flag. The original and still the most durable way to make a flag, our skilled, artisan flagmakers hand-make your flag from traditional flag fabrics.

The design for each flag is lovingly drawn to the base fabric, then each element of the design is sewn by hand to create a finished flag, which not only looks fantastic, but is also a real piece of art in itself. As standard, appliqué flags have a mirror image on the reverse side – but can be double sided if preferred.

How we make our Appliqué Flags

Appliquéd Flags with a printed badge or crest

Best of both worlds – combining old world and new world techniques. We can print complex elements of your design to either Decotex fabric or knitted polyester and then sew to the field of your flag to create a result which has the look and feel of an appliquéd product but at a fraction of the co

st of a fully appliquéd version. We are uniquely placed to offer this hybrid flag product because of our traditional and digital in-house flagmaking facilities.

• Ideal for club flags or pennants

• Great value

• Complex or multi-colour designs realised with a traditional finish

• Ceremonial Flags and Ensigns