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Embroidered Flags

Embroidered flags are beautiful bespoke pieces of art which are painstakingly produced by hand. Larger sections of your artwork are sewn by machine with details and finishing touches been delicately added by hand. These wonderfully personalised pieces are tailor-made to your wishes with a hint of artistic impression as the design takes shape.

How we do it

The process below explains the stages once we have received an order and a proof of that design has been signed off.

Whatever the style or design of the piece, the production process begins with the design. Generally, heraldic pieces require us to obtain a copy of the design from the College of Arms in London, whilst other designs are produced as original work from supplied artwork. The design is then digitised, reproduced to full size, giving the embroiderers a guide from which to work.

Materials are cut and certain elements of the piece may be part assembled for use later, whilst other components will go to the sewing room, where beautiful ornate designs come to life, with hours spent producing the perfect recreation of your original design. Sewing is done both by hand and machine, often requiring layers of embroidery to create an immaculate finish.

There are a range of finishing touches that can be applied to really complete the work; embellishments such as fringing and tassels. As many designs are often double-sided, we can finish in a style which allows the piece to be hung or carried, depending on individual requirement.

Commissioning Embroidered Flags

embroidered-flags-embroidery-lionLet us guide you through the process of commissioning and producing a beautiful bespoke hand-embroidered flag. These stunning pieces are so much more than recreations of existing designs; they are works of art in themselves. Each flag reflects the skill and artistic style of the individual producing it but the design will be a faithful representation. The finished product becomes a stunningly unique interpretation of the starting design.

We would typically begin the process by liaising with you to get a detailed idea of what you are looking for in your artwork. At this stage we will aim to establish factors such as your design ideas, material preferences, finishing and sizing.

The next stage would be to give you a quotation based on the details you have given us. The complexity of the design, size and finishing styles are among some of the factors impacting the cost. Following this you’ll start to see the design come together. Your initial design will be digitised – prepared for work to begin. You receive a final digital proof of your design before work commences allowing you one last opportunity to make any final adjustments to your artwork. If you are totally satisfied, then production can begin. The time scale depends on the complexity of the design and we would make you aware of an expected delivery date at the proofing stage.

We’ll then begin production and be ready to answer any queries that you may have along the way. Finally we’ll deliver your completed piece, an item totally bespoke and individual to you.


We have created a product gallery including both samples and finished work. We hope this will give a better indication of the detail which goes into creating these striking pieces. This also shows a range of finishing styles and embellishments which can be applied to create the ideal flag for you.