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Flagmakers’ Flag Heritage


Flagmakers have been a key figures in flag and banner manufacture since 1837, previously trading under the George Tutill name. George Tutill was an incredibly well known and renowned flag, banner and pennant designer and manufacturer.

Flagmakers are keen to keep this heritage alive, continuing to replicate the skills and detail in the early banners. We create these premium, exquisite products using a range of old-fashioned techniques, with a few 21st century precision tools. This enables us to create beautifully-detailed and bespoke items. We are proud to continue the heritage of the George Tutill name and pride ourselves on our excellent embroidery and hand-painting facilities.

We endeavour to fulfil our great founder’s simple but effective philosophy, “Every customer and every order, no matter how big or small, is important to us and we strive to extend the very best service and advice to help you choose the perfect product to suit your requirements every time”.

If you would like to know more about the company heritage please download our, 175 Year Anniversary George Tutull Biography.

Below is a gallery of George Tutill’s work, these treasured pieces are now widely found in museums. Thus, proving the durability of these banners with some of the original Tutill works been 150 years old.