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Hand Painted Flags & Banners

Hand painted banners combine old-fashioned techniques with modern technology, creating exquisite results. These banners are generally in heraldic or parade style. Heraldic been very traditions opposed to parade banners which are generally associated with Trade Unions and societies. The information below guide you through the process of creating the beautiful pieces of bespoke artwork.

How we do it

hand-painted-flags-banners-15837-norfolk-herlad-trumpet3There are few processes as complex and detailed as hand-painting flags:

  • Whether a traditional or modern piece the production begins with the design. If we are reproducing the arms or crest of a registered British design we start by obtaining a copy of the design from the College of Arms in London, other designs are produced as original work of from supplied artwork.
  • These are then re-produced as a full size working drawing for the artist to use as a guide.
  • Materials are cut and if the design involves sewn elements these are appliqued to the fabric to give the basic outlines and major features of the design. The Artist then adds detail and colour, this can include shading and metallic colours.
  • The process takes many hours and is entirely done by hand, meaning every item produced is a bespoke original.
  • Finishing of the design is done to suit the planned usage. Most designs are double sided and will be hung or carried so they are visible front and back.
  • Embellishments are added such as ornamental fringing, tassels and display poles

We use a range of very high-quality materials in the process of making each flag:

  • Heavy Poly Cotton – A fine quality fabric with matt lustre and quality feel. Use as the background or ‘Field’ for most hand painted pieces. Available in a number of standard stock colours.
  • Knitted Polyester – Used for appliqued (sewn) elements of the design, pant is applied to add detail and tones.
  • Pure Silk –This natural fabric is the ultimate expression of quality in bespoke work. Used for the very finest hand painted items. Sourced specifically for individual commissions.
  • Ornamentation – Fringing is available in Gold or red, white and blue as standard. We can also supply bespoke block fringing which is usually two colour to suit the main elements of the artwork. Cords and Tassels complete a standard, when fitted to a ceremonial pole.

Commissioning Hand Painted Flags & Banners

hand-painted-flags-sample-commissionWhen you commission a Handpainted item you are not simply asking us to reproduce an existing design but to produce a piece of original art. The beauty of this work is the skill and input of the artist to render the design producing a unique interpretation of the initial visuals or written description.

  • The commissioning process usually starts with a face to face meeting, we will discuss your ideas, explain the options and advise on materials, finishing and sizing.
  • We will assist with a basic design or take a copy of yours and will provide a quotation from this. The complexity of the design will affect the costing.
  • Once the commission is confirmed we will produce proofs and working artwork for approval.
  • The lead time for hand-painted commissions is typically 8 – 10 weeks.

These beautifully bespoke and detailed banners usually fall into two main uses and styles, heraldic or parade banners.

Heraldic Designs – most heraldic designs are reproductions of the Arms of a family or business. The written description of the arms and accompanying visuals or watercolours form the basis of our design. The artwork is re-originated digitally and then enlarged to full size. This creates a template for the artist to work from, ensuring accurate positioning and sizing of the key elements of the design.

Parade banners – Parade Banners draw from a variety of traditional or modern themes. Typically a central image with surrounding details and embellishments. The central design often features images of people or a significant event in the history of the organisation represented. It can be drawn from an existing good quality photograph or illustration, or can be commissioned specially for the work. Details such as scrolls and floral designs and often text or a motto are added to create the finished artwork. These banners are usually designed to be carried so are double sided and finished with pole pockets or loops and ties.


Below is a collection of modern hand-painted works which use techniques both old and new to create beautiful and detailed pieces of art. These artist banners are made bespoke to individual request with a hint of the artist’s personal style. If you would like to explore some of our older works then please take a look at the Tutill category in our blog.